Whistle Wall, 2009
variable dimesions
wall, tubing, whistles, receptical cover plates

In "Whistle Wall", visitors to my studio are given straws and are invited to blow into face-plates mounted to the wall that appear similar to electrical or data/phone receptacles. The visitor must first look around the studio and find the receptacles with the round holes, which are scattered throughout and mixed among receptacles with square holes. Blowing into the round-holed wall-plates results in a whistling sound out of one of the many square-holed wall-plates. Each sound produced has a different pitch and comes from a distinct location in relation to the body of the participant. Used alone, the whistle sounds map out the physical parameters of the studio. The difference between the location of the input of breath and output of sound is testament to the movement of breath through the inside of the built wall. It creates a type of intimacy that is unfamiliar, a displacement of breath as understood through sound. Used with other people, the wall introduces a social dynamic as the whistle sounds become a tool for communication or improvisational music. This interchange is directed by the whims of the participants.



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